Email statistics, such as how many emails are being opened and who is clicking links, are available for each email blast and individual constituents. You can also run a report to see statistics for many constituents.

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  1. Email Statistics for Mass Emails
  2. Generated Email and Statistics for Constituents
  3. Report on Email Statistics

Email Statistics for Mass Emails

After you send an email, a Tracking tab is added to the email template. It contains statistics for each email blast and shows:

  • Email status
  • Deliverability status
  • Open rate
  • How recipients interacted with the email
  • Clicked links

Figure: Click to see which recipients are included.

Note: If your email's Tracking tab doesn't look like this, it's OK. Your email was sent before 4/18/2016, so it uses an older display.

Work with the Recipient List

Drill down into the email statistics using the recipient list:

  • Click an email status, deliverability status, or open rate to see which recipients are included. 
  • Use the Search bar to filter the list.  
  • Click Export to Excel to download the unfiltered recipient list.
  • Click a recipient to go to the interaction on the timeline. 

Use This Information

The possibilities are endless! Refine subject line and email link wording based on the number of email opens and links clicked. Maintain a good email-sending reputation by removing email addresses that drop, bounce, or mark your email as spam.

Generated Email and Statistics for Constituents

When you send an email, an interaction is added to each recipient's timeline. Open that interaction to see:

  • The email that was generated and sent for this interaction. Click the name of the email, under Generated Email, to view it and download it as an HTML file.
  • The email's delivery status.
  • Whether the constituent opened the email, clicked a link, or unsubscribed.
  • If the email was marked as spam.

Report on Email Statistics

Run an interaction-based report, like the one shown here, to see email tracking stats.

  • Filter for Channel is Mass Email, and add filters for Is Opened, and Has Any Clicked Links.
  • Add columns for Has Any Clicked Links, Links Clicked, Is Opened, and Is Unsubscribed.