After creating or editing a letter, print test letters to make sure everything is correct, and then print the real letters. Redownload or delete letters you have recently generated.

  1. Print Preview or Test Letters
  2. Print Final Letters
  3. Redownload or Delete a Generated Letter Batch

Print Preview or Test Letters

To help you check that your letters are correct, you can print drafts of your letter in two places in the workflow: when you are creating the letter (this requires no filters) or before you print the final letters (this uses filters).

Print Preview Letter

If this is the first time you are using a letter template, we highly recommend downloading a preview first. This enables you to verify the letter's length (the onscreen view is a close approximation but not exact). If you are using preprinted letterhead, check that the letter's text and images are placed correctly.

On the letter's Design tab, click Download Preview. This downloads a preview PDF of your letter. Merge fields or data tables appear with "XXXX" in the fields.

Print Test Letters

Run a test batch of letters to verify that everything is correct. This generates just the first five letters, and their data fields are filled in. The letters are not saved, and interactions are not generated.

To print test letters:

  1. From the Edit Letter page, click Save And, and then Preview.
  2. On the Preview Letter page, click Run, and then click Test.

Print Final Letters

To generate a batch of letters from the Letter Templates page:

  1. Click Blue arrow next to the template you want to run and click Preview.

  2. Click the Transactions or Constituents tab to see the entries included in the letters.
  3. Click Run, and then click Run.
  4. Click Download Letters after the letters are generated.
  5. Click Download Addresses to get a spreadsheet of all the addresses for the letters. Use this spreadsheet to make address labels.

Tip: Letters and labels are sorted by country, then ZIP code. Constituents are skipped if their primary address is bad, incomplete, or missing. View some strategies for such addresses. 

Warning: When a zip code starts with a zero, for example 07083, the leading zero is dropped. After downloading your address file, reformat the zip code column to keep the leading zeroes by following Microsoft's instructions here.

When letters are generated, the following happens:

  • Interactions are created on each recipient's timeline.
  • The recipient's letter is saved on the interaction.
  • Transaction letters with an Acknowledgement purpose mark the associated transaction as acknowledged, and the transaction has a link to the interaction.

Redownload or Delete a Generated Letter Batch

On the Letter Templates page, the Most Recent Mailings list contains the last five batches of letters generated in your database. Click Blue arrow next to a letter to download the letter PDF or its addresses.

If you need to edit and reprint individual letters, see Work with Individual Letters.


To delete the generated letter and remove all of the associated interactions, click the arrow next to the letter and click Delete. For letters with an Acknowledgement purpose, you may also choose to set the Acknowledged field to No on the associated transactions if this letter is the only interaction linked to the transaction. Otherwise, the Acknowledged field remains Yes.

Note: The Delete option is only available on letters run on or after 12/16/13.