Use the Filters tab of an email or letter template to determine which constituents will be included in the communication. The available filters depend on whether the email or letter is based on constituents, transactions, or interactions.

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Automatic Exclusions

Both letters and emails exclude inactive or deceased constituents by default.  Letters exclude constituents with a Communication Restriction of Do Not Mail as well. Transaction-based letters and emails also exclude soft credits.  You can remove these filters.

Bloomerang skips creating letters when:

  • The primary address is bad, incomplete, or missing.
  • There's a blank value or more than one value for a merge field in the letter.
To generate letters with blank merge fields, or for constituents who have bad, incomplete, or missing addresses:
  1. Click Make Changes.
  2. Click the Details tab.
  3. Check the box under Allow Blank Merge Fields, or Allow Bad, Incomplete, or Missing Addresses.
  4. Click Save.
Bloomerang skips sending emails to constituents who:
  • Do not have a valid email address.
  • Have unsubscribed from this template's email interests or opted out of all emails.
  • Do not have values or have more than one value for a merge field in the email. 

Or vs. And

Adding a filter using And means all the criteria must be met. Adding a filter using Or means any of the criteria can be met.

Think of adding a filter as asking for a type of pie. Your criteria are rhubarb and strawberry. When you use And, you get a rhubarb-strawberry pie. When you use Or, you may get a rhubarb pie, a strawberry pie, or a rhubarb-strawberry pie.

See Report Basics: And versus Or for more details.

Add Filters

The filters are designed to be read. This makes it easier to set the criteria correctly.

To add a filter:

  1. Click Add Filter, And, or Or.
  2. Choose what information you want to see.
  3. Choose from your options:
    • A down arrow means you can make a choice from a menu. 
    • Type in text boxes.
  4. If you have more choices to make, you are taken to another screen or filter section.
  5. When your filter is finished, keep clicking OK until you are back on the reporting screen.

To check your filters, read the filter descriptions along the top of the screen. Click a filter to see its details or edit it.

Drag filters to move them to a different section.

To remove a filter, click X in the filter bar.

See Report Basics: Add Filters for more details.

Note: When filtering by household communication restrictions, households are included or excluded when all members of the household meet the criteria. For example, if you exclude Communication Restriction is Do Not Mail, the household will be excluded if all household members have a restriction of Do Not Mail.