Undo a pledge payment by refunding or deleting it. Refunding a payment keeps a record of the original payment and adds a refunded transaction to the constituent's timeline. Deleting a payment erases the payment record. Credit card transactions can be refunded but not deleted.

  1. Refund or Delete a Payment
  2. Edit a Payment

Refund or Delete a Payment

  1. Go to the constituent's timeline.
  2. Click on the appropriate Pledge Payment entry.
  3. To refund the payment, click Refund and then Update.
  4. To delete a payment:
    1. Remove any attachments. 
    2. Click Delete and then Yes.

Payments have the same Fund, Campaign, and Appeal as the Pledge, so changes must be made on the Pledge and not on the Pledge Payment. 

The Date, Amount, and Method of Pledge Payments can be edited on the payment entry. However, a credit card or EFT payment that was processed by Bloomerang must first be unlinked from the transaction processor before any edits can be made. Read more about what happens and how to unlink here: Unlinking Transactions from Transaction Processors.