Write off pledges so they don't appear in reports as outstanding or in arrears. Pledges can be deleted if they don't have any payments made or all payments have been deleted. Remove any attachments before deleting.

To write off or delete a pledge:

  1. Open the constituent's timeline.
  2. Open the pledge schedule by doing one of the following:
    • Click the original pledge.
    • Click a pledge payment, and then click Pledge.

      Figure: Pledge items on the timeline

      Figure: Click Pledge from a pledge payment

  3. To write off the pledge, click Actions, then Write Off, and then Yes.
  4. To delete the pledge, click Actions, then Delete, and then Yes.          

Warning: Writing off or deleting a pledge is not reversible! You can still view written-off pledges, but you can't apply more payments to them.

Tip: If you are deleting a pledge at a constituent's request, add a note to the constituent's profile about what happened.