We use notifications to communicate important information to you, such as when we have new stuff for you to play with. Release notifications provide details about new product features and appear as pop-ups. Other notifications are in the Notifications list. Depending on the notification's purpose, they can be shown to every user in your organization or just you.

Interact with Notifications

Notification List 

Click Bell icon to open the notification list. The number on the icon shows how many active notifications you have. Click a notification to see more details. To hide a notification, click Hide and select a time period. To see all hidden notifications, click Show x hidden notifications.

Notifications appear when your organization has:

  • Payment Failures: An automatically processing credit card fails for a pledge or recurring donation payment.
  • Possible Duplicate Constituents: Bloomerang identifies multiple accounts for the same individual or organization.
  • Subscription or Invoice notice: Your Bloomerang subscription or invoice is overdue.

Note: If a notification can't be hidden, it will disappear from the list on its own.

Release Notifications

For release notifications that display in a pop-up,  click the X to clear the notification, or click Got It!