On the Organization Settings page, export your Bloomerang data to back it up or import it into another system.

  1. Export Your Data
  2. Missing or Odd Data

Export Your Data

To export your data:

  1. Click Gear icon.
  2. Click Edit on the My Organization tile.
  3. In the Database Export pane, click Create New Export. The export may take many minutes to finish.

    Warning: Database exports are only available on demand. If you navigate away and the export finishes while you are gone, you will need to create a new export. We recommend leaving this page open in its own tab while the export is created. 

  4. Click Download.

Most of your data is exported. Email and letter templates and their data are not, and neither are engagement scores.

Your data is exported in a .zip file. Inside are .csv files for each data type:

  • Addresses
  • Appeals
  • Campaigns
  • Constituents
  • Custom Fields
  • Donations
  • Email interests
  • Emails (email addresses)
  • File Attachments
  • Funds
  • Households
  • Interactions
  • Notes (notes on constituent timelines)
  • Phones (phone numbers)
  • Pledge payments
  • Pledges
  • Processing info (transaction data)
  • Recurring donation payments
  • Recurring donations
  • Refunds
  • Relationship roles
  • Relationships
  • Soft credits
  • Tasks
  • Transaction processor accounts
  • Transactions
  • Tributes
  • Users
  • Wallet items (EFT and credit card data)

Missing or Odd Data

Data added through conversions, imports, forms, or the API doesn't necessarily fill in all fields in your database. Some constituents may have these blank fields:

  • Envelope, formal, informal, or recognition name
  • Sort name (only conversions, forms, and API)
  • Country for addresses or phone numbers

A row in the Processing Info file might have a $0 transaction. This is expected. When a recurring donation is created, the credit card is validated with $0 and then charged the donation amount. 

Active tasks show 01/01/0001 as the completion date.