From a constituent's Profile tab, you can edit her personal information, merge accounts, change the account type, or delete an account.

Edit Profile Information

Open a constituent's Profile tab.

To edit address, email, or phone information:

  • Click Edit next to an entry to edit it.
  • Click Plus icon to add an entry.

Tip: When adding secondary contact information, only add one of each type. For instance, add a Home and a Work address, not two Home addresses.

Click Edit on the Profile page to change:

  • Name
  • Personal information
  • Status
  • Communication preferences
  • Custom fields

Click Save when you are finished editing.

Change Status

In edit mode and in the Edit Profile section: 

  1. Click Statusand choose a type:
    • Active: Constituent is in contact with your organization.
    • Inactive: Constituent is not in contact with your organization.
    • Deceased: Constituent has died.
  2. Click Save.

If the constituent is inactive or deceased, a flag appears in the header.

Tip: If the deceased constituent is in a household, make another member the head of household if necessary.

Manage Communication Preferences

In the Communication Preferences section, indicate the constituent's preferred communication channel. Communication restrictions and email interests should be managed by the constituent. If a constituent has specifically requested that you change these, follow the steps below.

To edit a constituent's communication restrictions:

  1. Under Communication Restrictions, click Modify.
  2. Select Do Not Call, Do Not Mail, or Do Not Solicit, then enter a reason. 
  3. To copy the restrictions to all household members, click the check box.
  4. Click Save.
The Email Interests area lists which mass emails this constituent will receive. To edit a constituent's email interests, follow these directions.

Merge Constituents

Merge duplicate constituent records to keep your database clean:

  1. Open one of the constituents.
  2. Click the Profile tab.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click Merge.

  5. In the Possible Duplicates window, click the constituent you want to merge from the list, or use the Search box to find the correct constituent.

    Note: Constituents can only be merged if they are the same account type. To merge individuals and organizations, change the account type to match, and then merge.

  6. In the Merge These Two Constituents window, click Switch Direction to flip the Merge This One and Keep This One accounts if necessary. Click Merge.

The duplicate constituents are merged. Contact, timeline, credit card, relationship, and DonorSearch batch screening data from the Merge This One account is added to the Keep This One account. If both accounts have:

  • Twitter handles: The handle from the Keep This One account is kept, but the merged constituent's timeline includes tweets from both Twitter handles.
  • Custom profile pictures: The custom profile picture from the Keep This One account is kept, and the profile picture from the Merge This One account is deleted.
  • Interactions from the same email: The interaction from the Keep This One account is kept.
  • DonorSearch batch screening data: Only data from the Keep This One account is kept.

Change Account Type

Fix an account that was created with the wrong account type:

  1. Open the constituent's Profile tab.
  2. Click the arrow next to the Edit button and click Change Type.

  3. Complete any missing details on the Change Type To box and click OK.

Delete a Constituent

To delete a constituent, open the constituent's Profile tab, click Edit, and then click Delete.

Warning: If the constituent has any transactions, you can't delete the account until you have deleted the transaction data.