Interactions and tasks use channels and purposes to record how and why an action was done. Emails and letters use purposes to record why the communication was sent. The available channels and purposes are preset and not editable. Bloomerang uses these values for system analyses, such as engagement level. To get the most out of Bloomerang, choose the channel or purpose that most closely matches what you need.


The channel describes how you are accomplishing the job at hand:

  • Email: One-off or personal emails.
  • In Person: Face-to-face meetings, including events and volunteer activity.
  • Mail: Who doesn't love some physical mail?
  • Mass Email: One email send to many constituents.
  • Phone: Dial 'em up.
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.
  • Text Message: Just don't blow up any phones!
  • Website: Through your organization's website.
  • Other: Smoke signals, skywriting, or when none of the other channels are a good fit.


Choose the primary intent of the job at hand:

  • Acknowledgement: Thank the constituent. Used to acknowledge single gifts, and flips the acknowledged flag on a transaction from No to Yes.
  • Impact/Cultivation: Tell the constituent how his donations or efforts are helping, and otherwise cultivate your relationship with him.
  • Newsletter: Update constituents on recent organizational news.
  • Pledge Reminder: Remind a constituent of her monetary promise.
  • Receipt: Donation receipts. Used as a year-end receipt for tax purposes, and does not affect the acknowledged flag on a transaction.
  • Solicitation: Ask the constituent for a donation.
  • Special Event: All event-related activities.
  • Volunteer Activity: All volunteer-related activities.
  • Welcome: Welcome a new donor or an existing donor who has signed up to be a sustaining/recurring donor.
  • Other: None of the other purposes are a good fit.

These additional purposes are only available on Bloomerang for Benevon databases:

  • Benevon Point of Entry: Related to a Point of Entry event
  • Benevon Follow-Up: Related to the Point of Entry follow-up call
  • Benevon Ask Event: Related to an Ask event
  • Benevon One-on-one Ask: Related to personally asking a constituent for a donation
  • Benevon Ongoing Cultivation: Related to deepening the relationship with the constituent