The dashboard provides quick access to your recent work with constituents and reports, highlights how well your organization is doing in its fundraising and donor retention efforts, and empowers you to take action via donor calls and tasks.

The data on the dashboard is refreshed nightly. To refresh the data immediately and see recent changes, click Update at the top of the dashboard.

You can view and interact with these tiles:

Recent Constituents

The Recent Constituents tile displays the last five constituents you have accessed in your database while currently logged in. Return to any of the constituent accounts you see in the list by clicking on the constituent name.

Administrator users and Standard users with Constituents editor access can click Add new Constituent on this tile to quickly create a new constituent account. If a Standard user does not have constituents editor access, the Add new Constituent button does not display.

Amount Raised

The Amount Raised tile displays the dollar amount of raised transactions this week, this month, and this fiscal year. The tile also displays how many raised transactions have been made, along with the average amount raised for each period. Click any of the total dollar amounts to see a detailed report of the raised transactions for that time frame.

Donor Retention

The Donor Retention tile displays an up-to-date look at the percentage of donors you are retaining via the Donor Retention Wheel.

Retained donors gave at least once 24 to 12 months ago, and then gave again in the past 12 months. Donations, pledges, pledge payments, and recurring donation payments figure into the donation count. The retention wheel gives you the percentage of how many donors were retained out of all the donors who gave 12 to 24 months ago. The 12-month and 24-month time periods are recalculated every day, so your retention wheel gives you an accurate picture of how many repeat donors you have.

Administrators may customize the Donor Retention filters by clicking Move right on the retention tile and then Edit Retention icon. Whenever a custom version of the Donor Retention Wheel is in use, it displays first by default when you access the dashboard.

If a custom version of the Donor Retention Wheel is displaying, click Move left on the retention tile to see the default wheel.

See Understanding the Donor Retention Wheel for a full explanation of how the Donor Retention Wheel works and how it can be customized.

Donor Calls

The Donor Calls tile displays the top 5 first-time donors you should prioritize calling to increase engagement. For each first-time donor, the tile shows the donor name, gift amount, and gift date. It also shows if another user is following up on the gift. 

  • Click Reports icon to view a report of your first time donors.
  • Click a row to see more information about the donor and their gift. 
    • Click Convert to Task to assign the call to a user in your database.
    • Click Create Interaction to add an interaction for the call.
    • Click Delete to remove the call.

See First-Time Donor Calls Basics for more details about how to increase engagement with this tool.

Recent Reports

The Recent Reports tile displays the last five reports you have accessed in your database while currently logged in. Return to any of the reports in the list by clicking on the name.

Click Go to Reports on this tile to go to the Reports List.


The Campaigns tile displays all of the campaigns that are marked as active and have a goal. The progress bar shows the percentage of the goal that has been funded, the date range of the campaign, and the total goal amount. Hovering over a campaign progress bar shows the dollar amount raised.

Campaigns are displayed in the order they are arranged in the Campaigns List. Administrator users may click View All to access that list. Standard users do not have access to the Campaigns List.


View, edit, and complete existing tasks—as well as create new tasks—all from the Tasks tile and without ever leaving the dashboard.

  • Click Reports icon to view the Active Tasks List.
  • Click the Add a task icon to create a new task.
  • Toggle between All and My to see all tasks or tasks assigned only to you.
  • Click an individual task row to take action with just that task.

See Tasks for more information.

Sustainability Scorecard

The Sustainability Scorecard looks at a combination of your data in Bloomerang and a self-assessment to gauge how sustainable your organization is. Click View Now to fill out or access the self-assessment.

Don't see the Sustainability Scorecard in your database? Contact us to upgrade.