Tasks are to-do items for your organization. They must be assigned to a user in your organization and can be associated with a constituent.

Create a Task

Create a new task in three places:

Add Task Details

When filling out the task fields, keep this in mind:

  • Date: The due date for the task.
  • Subject: Brief, descriptive summary of the task. Visible in the constituent timeline. 
  • User: Assign a user to be responsible for this task. 
  • Purpose: Choose the primary intent of the task.
  • Channel: How the task will be accomplished.
  • Constituent: Associate this task with a specific constituent (optional). Click Plus icon, and then search for and select a name.  
  • Attachments: Upload files or add links to the task.

Click Save to create the task. The task now appears in the assigned user's task list. If the task is associated with a constituent, it appears on the constituent's timeline. Edit or complete the task as needed.

Periodically update tasks to record progress or changes. When the task is finished, mark it as complete to remove it from the Active Tasks list.

Edit a Task

Click a task to open it from:

  • Constituent timeline
  • Active Tasks list
  • Reports

Click Edit, and update any of the fields except for the associated constituent. To change the constituent, create a new task with the correct constituent and delete the old one. 

Change User

To assign the task to a different user, click the User Name menu and select a user. 

Reactivate a Task

Reactivate completed and archived tasks by opening the task and clicking Activate. The Completed Date is removed. Tasks that have been saved as interactions can be reactivated by deleting the interaction.

Tip: Find completed and archived tasks that are only assigned to a user by running a Tasks report.

Task Notification Emails

Task notification emails allow users to see information about their assigned tasks without logging into Bloomerang. 

The following task notification emails are sent:

  • New Task: A new task is assigned to a user, or an active task is reassigned to a user.
  • Updated Task: A task assigned to a user is updated, or reactivated.
  • Overdue Task: A task assigned to a user is past the due date.

Emails contain details about the task, including any attachments and information about associated constituents. 

Note: A user must have the Task Notification Emails preference activated in order to receive emails. See Add and Edit Users to learn more.

Complete a Task

Tasks may be completed in Bloomerang or via email. In Bloomerang, mark a task as finished in three ways: complete it, save it as an interaction, or archive it.

To complete a task via email, reply to the task notification email. Tasks associated with a constituent are completed as interactions. Tasks without an associated constituent are marked as complete. Any text included in the reply email is added to the note field on the completed task and interaction. However, attachments should not be included in reply emails as they are not added to the completed task and may prevent the email from sending.