View a summary of your active assigned tasks or all active tasks in your organization from the dashboard. You can view active tasks in a list that you can search, filter, and export. Create a report to view lists of archived or completed tasks. A constituent's timeline shows the tasks associated with her.

Task Summary on Dashboard

The dashboard contains a summary of your tasks, all tasks in the org, and their status. View a list of your active tasks by clicking the My Tasks heading, or view a list of all active tasks by clicking All Tasks. Click a bar on the tasks graph to view just those tasks—for instance, click the yellow bar in My Tasks to view just your tasks that are due in the next 7 days.

Task List

Get to the task list from the dashboard. Overdue tasks appear in red in the list. Search the list to find specific tasks, or apply filters to the list to narrow the results. Click on a task to view its details and edit it. Click New Task to create a task.

Filter the Task List

Click a filter to narrow the list. If you select multiple filters from one group, you see items that match any of those options. If you select filters from multiple groups, you see items that match all the filters you set.

Clear the filters by either deselecting them or clicking All.

Search the Task List

Type in the Search box to search any values in the task list.

Export the Task List

Click Export to Excel to export the task list as a spreadsheet.

Report on Tasks

Create a task-based report to see a customized list of active, completed, and archived tasks, including ones that were saved as interactions. Add a filter for Status, and a column for User.

Individual Tasks on Timeline

A constituent's timeline shows all tasks associated with him. The task icon shows the task status.

Icon Task Status
Active task iconActive
Overdue task icon
Archived task icon
Completed task icon

Click a task on a constituent's timeline to view individual tasks.