There are many options here, but there are a few big ones to start with: 

  • Bloomerang uses a third party to send mass email. Make sure to add Sendgrid's SPF record to your email admin DNS settings. Add the TXT record "v=spf1 ~all"
  • Be aware, you may already have an SPF record. Do not add a second record. You should modify your existing record with ""
  • To prevent emails from Bloomerang ending up in your spam folder, add to your email’s contact list or allowlist. A simple search like “email allowlist [your web host name]” may get you more specific instructions.
  • Send your test emails to a spam checker first like
  • Limit the amount of images in your email. The greater the Text to Image ratio is in your email, the less likely it will be flagged as spam

For more information please look here