The engagement level of a constituent is determined based on a proprietary formula created by Dr. Adrian Sargeant, a leading industry expert on donor engagement and retention. The engagement level takes into account a variety of factors, including: giving history, upgrades and downgrades in giving, soft credits, constituent communication preferences, volunteer engagement, and other constituent-initiated and organization-initiated interactions.

Here is a list of many of the items that affect engagement:


Donations, pledges, and payments

Soft Credits

Donations, pledges and payments in consecutive years

Upgrades in total donation amounts year over year

Interactions In Person - either Special Event or Volunteer Activity

Interactions Initiated by Constituent

Website Visits

Opened Emails and clicked links

Recaptured Donors (forgiven lapses)

Engagement Survey Responses


Lapsed donors

Downgraded giving year over year

Opting out of Mass Email