Anonymous gifts may be given with a variety of possible stipulations from the donor. Your organization should adopt an internal practice and policy that meets your needs while respecting a donor’s wishes for these types of transactions. See below for recommendations on how to record each type of anonymous gift. 

  1. The Donor Wishes to Remain Anonymous
  2. The Donor Requests a Specific Gift Be Made Anonymously
  3. The Gift is Truly Anonymous

The Donor Wishes to Remain Anonymous

When a donor wishes to remain anonymous, Bloomerang recommends using “Anonymous” in the Recognition Name field, and using that field when creating lists for public recognition. This enables your organization to acknowledge and receipt the donor while respecting their wish to remain anonymous to the public. If you have several anonymous donors to share publicly in a single report, consider grouping and totaling them to be concise. 

The Donor Requests a Specific Gift Be Made Anonymously

In instances where an existing donor requests a specific gift be made anonymously, follow these steps:

  1. Create a custom field on transactions and name it "Anonymous?".
  2. Select Text for What kind of data goes in this field? and Pick 1 Value From a List for How do you enter data in this field?
  3. Click Save.
  4. Add a single New Value of "Yes".
  5. Click Save.

You can use this custom field as a filter or a column to act appropriately with your reporting and communications, in accordance with your internal policy. 

The Gift is Truly Anonymous

If the gift is truly anonymous (for example, cash in an envelope delivered by a board member), create a constituent account for “Anonymous Donors” and enter the donation(s) there. Enter as much information as you do have in the Note section for each transaction.