The email address in your Organization Settings is used if you are using any Bloomerang forms (online donation, paid event registration, email signup, volunteer activity, or constituent information forms). 

  • Notification emails are sent to this address when someone submits any Bloomerang form. 
  • If you use a Bloomerang-hosted form, this email address is displayed on the form.
You should have internal discussions within your organization about what email to enter here. Some organizations choose to enter an email address that multiple staff have access to.

The phone number will appear in the footer of emails sent through Bloomerang (along with your organization’s name, address, and website) and also on Bloomerang-hosted versions of any transaction forms (online donation or paid event registration). You should again determine internally which phone number would be best to enter here; however, it is generally recommended that you enter your organization’s main phone line.