After you've created a letter template, use the Design tab on the Edit Letter page to change the page setup, add merge fields and data tables, insert pictures, format the text, and print a preview. Remember to save the template periodically as you work!

If you need to change the filters or letter details, see Filter Emails and Letters or Edit Email and Letter Details.

  1. Edit Page Size and Margins
  2. Add and Format Text
  3. Add Merge Fields
  4. Add a Data Table
  5. Add Images
  6. Preview Your Letter

Edit Page Size and Margins

To change the page setup:

  1. On the Edit Letter page, click Page Settings.
  2. In the Page Size/Margins pane, choose a page size or adjust the margins.
  3. Click Update.

Add and Format Text

Click in the body of the letter to change or add text.

Use the editing toolbar to change the font, create lists, and align or indent the text. Highlight the text and click the appropriate button.

Tip: For best results, type all of your letter content first (including text, images, merge fields, and data tables). Apply font formatting last.

Tip: Review writing tips with The "You" Test and Writing at the Right Grade Level.

Add Merge Fields

Use merge fields in your letters to merge in data for each recipient. For example, the [Name] field merges the constituent's name into the letter.

Tip: Most report columns are available as merge fields. See Report Columns and Filters.

To add a merge field:

  1. Click in the body of the letter where you want the merge field. 
  2. Click Insert Bloomerang Field icon.
  3. Search for the field you need and select it. 

Note: A merge field with no data appears blank in the finished letter.

Add a Data Table

Data tables are available for transaction-based letters only. The table lists details for each transaction.

Tip: When using a data table, make sure all transactions are listed together in one letter. On the Details tab, click Create One Letter Per and select either Constituent or Household.

To add a data table:

  1. Click in the body of the letter where you want the data table. 
  2. Click Insert Data Table icon.
  3. Select the alignment of the data table.
  4. Click Add Column. Search for the field you want to add and select it.
  5. Drag and drop a field to rearrange the order. 
  6. Click the alignment button on each column to change them.
  7. Click Delete to remove a field. 
  8. Click Insert

To edit a data table, click Insert Data Table icon again.

Add Images

Add your logo or promotional image to letters to add visual interest:

  1. Click in the body of the letter where you want the image to appear. 
  2. Click Insert/Edit Image icon.
  3. Follow these instructions to upload and edit your image. 

Preview Your Letter

If this is the first time you are using a letter template, we highly recommend downloading a preview first. This enables you to verify the letter's length (the onscreen view is a close approximation but not exact). If you are using preprinted letterhead, check that the letter's text and images are placed correctly.

On the Edit Letter page, click Download Preview to download a PDF of your letter. Merge fields or data tables appear with "XXXX" in the fields.