This article covers the basics of creating letters in Bloomerang, which you can later edit and generate.

Create a Letter Template

To create a new letter template:

  1. Click Letters icon and then New.

  2. In Step 1, choose how you want to filter your audience and click the appropriate Selectbutton. Your choice affects what filters and data fields you can use in the letter. Every type includes the constituent and summary fields. Transaction letters also have transaction fields, and interaction letters also have interaction fields.

    Warning: You can't change your filter choice later.

  3. In Step 2, type in the details for your letter:

    • Name: A brief, descriptive name.
    • Purpose: The main purpose of the letter.

      Note: Use Acknowledgment to thank donors, this will automatically set the Acknowledged field on a transaction to Yes when they are generated. Receipt is used for year-end receipts and do not affect the Acknowledged field on a transaction.

    • Create One Letter Per: Select how you want to group your letters. You can create one per transaction or interaction, or group them by constituent or household.
    • Allow Blank Merge Fields?: When checked, constituents will not be skipped due to blank merge fields.
    • Allow Bad, Incomplete, or Missing Addresses?: When checked, constituents will not be skipped due to bad, incomplete, or missing addresses.
  4. Click Next.

Your letter template is created. You can now edit the letter.