This article describes how to edit an email template with Bloomerang's legacy email editor. If your email template was created after November 11, 2019, refer to Edit Email Structure and Settings and Edit Email Content for editing help.

After you've created an email template, use the Design tab on the Edit Email page to change the:

Remember to save the template periodically as you work!

To filter emails or change the template details, see Filter Emails and Letters or Edit Email and Letter Details.

Tip: Don't see this in Bloomerang? Contact us to upgrade your free account to start creating emails.

Layout and Formatting

Adjust your email's look with content blocks and formatting for the whole template.

Add Blocks

Email templates use content blocks to help you easily move images and chunks of text around.

To add a block:

  1. Click Add Block.
  2. Click Add next to the block you want to add.

Edit, Move, and Delete Blocks

Point to a block to see the editing buttons:
  • To edit a block, click Pencil icon. In the Edit Content box, change the contents of the block or apply formatting. Click Update.
  • To move a block, click Crosshairs icon, and then click where you want to drop the block.
  • To delete a block, click X icon.  

Edit Styles

To edit the font and background styles for the whole email template:

  1. Click Edit Styles.
  2. In the Style Editor pane, click a color square to change the style's color. In the box that opens, select a color and click Choose.
  3. Use the Font or Size menus to change the font or size for a style.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the pane and click Update.

To edit the font for a specific portion of text:

  1. Edit a block. 
  2. Highlight some text and use the formatting toolbar to apply formatting.

Tip: The font styles in the Style Editor pane do not override any styles that you manually apply to text.

Copy and Paste Formatted Text

Copying and pasting text removes all the formatting. If you are copying text from your email template and want to preserve the formatting, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the block with the text you want to copy.
  2. Click Source Code.
  3. In the Source Code window, select the text you want to copy, including the HTML tags. Press Ctrl+C. Click Cancel.
  4. Edit the block where you want to insert the text. Click Source Code.
  5. Place your cursor where you want to paste the text and press Ctrl+V.
  6. Click Update.


Change your email's text, and click Readability Test to make sure your email is easy to read and conveys conveys the right message to the user. Add images, links, videos, merge fields, and social media buttons.

Insert Images

Add your logo or promotional image to emails to add visual interest:

  1. Add an image block and then edit it.
    Edit a text block. 
  2. Click where you want the image to appear. 
  3. Click Insert/Edit Image.
  4. Follow these instructions to upload and edit your image. 

Create Links

Create links to content on your website:

  1. Edit a block. 
  2. Highlight the text or image you want to make into a link. 
  3. Click Insert/Edit Link.
  4. In the Insert Link box, paste or type in the URL (or website address).
  5. The recipient sees what is typed in the Title field if he hovers over the link.  
  6. To open the link in a new window, select New Window from the Target menu.
  7. Click OK, and then Update.

Edit the link by clicking on it and clicking Insert/Edit Link again. Remove it by clicking on the link text and clicking Remove Link.

Tip:  Turn on the Website Visits feature to take full advantage of adding links in your email. When a constituent clicks on a link to your website, her engagement score is affected.

Insert Videos

Most email providers bounce emails with actual videos in them. Instead, insert a link to a YouTube video. The link appears as an image in the email.

To add a video:

  1. Edit a block. 
  2. Click in the block where you want to insert the video. 
  3. Click Insert YouTube Video.
  4. Search for the video, select it, and click Insert and Close.
  5. Click Update on the Edit Block window to add the link to the video.

Add Merge Fields

Use merge fields in your emails to merge in data for each recipient. For example, the [Name] tag inserts the constituent's name into the email.

Tip: Most report columns are available as merge fields. See Report Columns and Filters.

To insert a merge field:

  1. Edit a block. 
  2. Click where you want to add the merge field.
  3. Click Insert Bloomerang Field.
  4. Search for the field you need and select it.

Add a Data Table

Data tables are available for transaction-based emails only. The table lists details for a transaction.

Tip: For best results, use a one-column layout and insert only one data table.

To add a data table:

  1. Click in the body of the letter where you want the data table. 
  2. Click Insert Data Table icon.
  3. Select the alignment of the data table.
  4. Click Add Column. Search for the field you want to add and select it.
  5. Drag and drop a field to rearrange the order. 
  6. Click the alignment button on each column to change them.
  7. Click Delete to remove a field. 
  8. Click Insert

To edit a data table, click Insert Data Table icon again.

Insert Social Media Buttons

Add buttons that link to your organization's social media pages by clicking or . If prompted, type in the appropriate social media handle and click Insert. A button is inserted in your email that links to either your Twitter or Facebook page.

Tip: Add your organization's social media info on the Organization Settings page to automatically use your social media handles.

Delete Email Templates

Email templates that have not been sent may be deleted. To delete a template:

  1. Open the email template.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Click Yes.