Email interests are categories of emails that your constituents are interested in receiving. Constituents can choose to receive all your mass emails, receive only emails marked with certain interests, or opt out of all mass emails.

Interaction with Emails

All email templates must be marked with at least one email interest. If a constituent you are targeting with the email has selected one of those email interests, she will receive the email. For instance, you are sending a mass email with the email interest of Events. You have set your email filters to send the email to Sandy and Mark. Sandy has selected to receive Events and Special Promotion emails. Mark has selected to only receive News emails. So Sandy will get your email in her inbox, but Mark will not.

Constituents Set Their Email Interests

Constituents should control their own email interests. When you create a new constituent record or when a constituent signs up for emails using the Email Sign-up form, he automatically receives all emails. He can change his email interest preferences by clicking the Unsubscribe or the Manage Email Preferences link in one of your emails. Both links take him to a screen where he can update his email address and change his email interests.

Email Interest Filters

You can filter reports and letters using two email interest fields: Email Interest and Email Interest Type. Email Interest uses all the email interests you have created for your organization, and you select which ones apply for your filter. Use Email Interest Type to select constituents who have set their email interests to All, Custom, or Opted Out. Since email interests are already used in creating emails, they are not available in an email's filters.