In the United States, 62.6 million people volunteered between September 2014 and September 2015. Your organization is probably handling your fair share of this volunteer spirit. Use Bloomerang to find potential volunteers and track all your volunteers' activity.

Note: This article assumes you are comfortable with creating custom fields and forms. If you need a refresher, check out Custom Fields Basics; Create Categories, Custom Fields, and Values; and Create Volunteer Activity Forms.

Set up Your Database

To keep up with your generous volunteers, add some custom fields on the constituent profile and on interactions.

Constituent Custom Fields

To create custom fields that show on the constituent profile:

  • Click Gear icon, Constituent.

Mark Constituents as Volunteers

Look for a category that you use to gather general information about constituents. You may already have custom fields that you use to show whether someone is on the staff or a board member. If so, add a value of Volunteer to the list. If not:

  1. Create a new field named Attributes. In the Type section, choose Text and Pick Multiple Values From a List.
  2. Create values, such as Volunteer, Staff, Member, and Board Member.

Gather Volunteer Information

Create a Volunteer Tracking category to keep track of what your volunteers can offer your organization. Then create the following custom fields. We suggest some values, but feel free to create your own!

  • Volunteer Interests
    • Type: Text, Pick Multiple Values From a List
    • Values: Cleaning, Data Entry, Repairs, Fundraising
  • Volunteer Availability
    • Type: Text, Pick Multiple Values From a List 
    • Values: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Weekday, Weekend
  • Volunteer Skills
    • Type: Text, Pick Multiple Values From a List
    • Values: Computer Whiz, Genius Sundae Maker, Networking

Interaction Custom Fields

To create custom fields that show on interactions:

  1. Click Gear icon, Interaction.
  2. Create a Volunteer Tracking category.
  3. Create these custom fields:
    • Volunteer Hours
      • Type: Number, Type It In
    • Volunteer Activity
      • Type: Text, Pick Multiple Values From a List.
      • Values: Create values for the activities your volunteers perform.


Two forms help you find potential volunteers and track volunteer hours.

Find Potential Volunteers

To discover if your constituents would like to volunteer, create a Constituent Information form. Include the constituent custom fields you created earlier. Use the form to learn more about what each person can offer.

Track Volunteer Hours

To keep track of who volunteered when and how much, create a Volunteer Activity form. Add the interaction custom fields Volunteer Hours and Volunteer Activity to the form. Add this form on your website. Ask volunteers to complete it onsite or at home after each volunteering session.


To report on who is volunteering and how much:

  1. Create an interaction report.
  2. Click Add Filter.
  3. Search for and click Purpose
  4. In the text box, click Volunteer Activity.
  5. Click OK.
  6. To see volunteer activity in a certain time period, click And in the Include section.
  7. Search for and click Date, choose the date range you want, and click OK.


  8. Add interaction custom fields for volunteers as columns.
  9. To see the subtotal of volunteer hours for each volunteer, click the Name column and click Group By This Column.


  10. Click Save And to save the report.