The Summary page shows you an overview of the constituent account. It pulls in information from the other pages on the account to show you:

  1. A giving summary
  2. The engagement level
  3. The generosity score
  4. Recent timeline entries
  5. Relationships

Giving Summary

The Giving Summary section shows a graph of the constituent's donation levels over the past ten years. Select which type of transactions you want to see by clicking the filters. Point to data points on the graph to see the amount for that year. Below the graph, see important data for the transaction types you chose. Click a link to go to that particular transaction.

Figure: This graph shows revenue transactions and raised transactions plus soft credits. If you deselect Soft Credits, the raised transactions appear as a solid blue line.

Engagement Level

The Engagement Level feature is designed to give you an overall measurement of a constituent's current level of engagement with your organization. The score itself factors in giving history, interactions with your organization, volunteer activity, and event attendance. You can use the engagement level as a measurement of a donor's overall interest in and commitment to your organization. The levels include Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot, and On Fire!

Generosity Score

The Generosity score shows the overall DonorSearch rating for this constituent. This unique score takes into account a wide array of information, such as wealth markers, real estate holdings, and philanthropic history, in order to deliver a quality indicator of potential giving. The levels include Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot, and On Fire! See DonorSearch Basics for more information.

Recent Timeline Activity

The Recent Timeline Activity section shows the ten most recent entries on the constituent's timeline.

Click the link at the bottom of the section to go to the constituent's Timeline page.


The Relationships section displays all of the constituent's relationships. Clicking on a particular relationship takes you to the Summary page for the related account.