You can store each constituent's Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn info in Bloomerang. Bloomerang then links directly to the constituent's profile in those applications.

Tip: Set up your Social Listening Hub to pull in additional social media information for constituents with Twitter accounts and to increase their engagement scores.

Get Social Media Info

Copy the constituent's URL or handle from Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Open the constituent's profile page on Facebook and copy the URL for his profile page.


Open the constituent's profile page on Twitter. Copy his Twitter handle. Adding the constituent's Twitter handle pulls in their Twitter profile photo. See Add and Manage Profile Pictures.


If you are not logged into LinkedIn, go to the constituent's public LinkedIn page and copy the URL. If you are logged into LinkedIn, go to his profile page and copy the URL in his Contact Info tab.

Add Info to Bloomerang Profile

To add the social media info into Bloomerang:

  1. Navigate to the constituent's profile page.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Paste the URL or handle into the appropriate field.
  4. Click Save.

The fields become links, so connecting with your constituents on social media is only a click away!