Constituent refers to accounts that you enter into Bloomerang. Any person or organization who has a relationship to your organization can be entered as a constituent, whether they are a donor, prospect, volunteer, staff member, or anything else. Run a report to see a list of all constituents.

  1. Individual vs. Organization Constituents
  2. Constituent Account Basics

Individual vs. Organization Constituents

Constituents come in two flavors: individual and organization. An individual constituent account is for a person, and you record the person's name and other data. An organization constituent account is for a business, company, foundation, or any other type of non-person entity. Organization accounts include the name of the organization and its primary contact.

Constituent Account Basics

Individual and organization constituent accounts have a header that shows the constituent's name, primary contact information and household name if applicable. Click the address link to see a map. Click the household name to go to the household account summary page. The header also has a menu that allows you to add more data to the constituent's timeline or add new relationships.

Constituent accounts have four tabs:

  1. Summary
  2. Profile
  3. Timeline
  4. Relationships


The Summary tab is an overview of the constituent account. It pulls in the following information from the other pages:

  • The Giving Summary section contains a chart of transactions. Choose to see revenue, raised, and/or soft credit transactions. Below the graph are some transaction highlights. 
  • Recent Timeline Activity shows the ten most recent entries on the constituent's timeline.
  • The Engagement Level meter is an overall measurement of a constituent's current level of engagement with your organization.
  • The Generosity score shows the overall DonorSearch rating for this constituent.
  • The Relationships area shows the constituent's links to other constituents in your database.


The Profile tab stores the constituent's name and contact, demographic, and custom field data.


The Timeline tab links to all transactions, interactions, tasks, and notes for the constituent in either a timeline or list view.


The Relationships tab is where you view and add relationship links to other constituents. You can also group constituents into households to view their combined giving and communicate with them as a single unit.