Forms enable you to collect information and fundraise online. The information collected via a form is then automatically added to Bloomerang.

  1. Get the Snippet
  2. Embed the Snippet in Your Website
  3. Working with Donation or Event Registration Forms

Get the Snippet

First, copy the code snippet in Bloomerang for the form:

  1. Click Gear icon, Website Integration
  2. Click Select on the tile of the type of form you would like to use.
  3. Create a new form, or click the arrow to the form you want to add to your site and click Preview & Publish.
  4. Click Next and copy the code snippet that appears.

If you don't have a website, we host a secure version of online giving and event registration forms for you. Steps for finding the link to those forms can be found here.

Embed the Snippet in Your Website

Next, embed the code snippet you copied from Bloomerang into your website. This process varies depending on the tools you use for your website. See resources below for the most popular website platforms:





Working with Donation or Event Registration Forms

If the form you are adding to your website is an Online Giving Form or an Event Registration Form, you must add a transaction processor and fraud prevention in your database to fully enable the form on your website. See Get Started with Online Giving for help.