When your Bloomerang database is connected with a transaction processor, you can process donations directly from within Bloomerang or from a Bloomerang form. Bloomerang Payments is simple and straightforward to set up, learn more.

Refunds are also handled in Bloomerang.

This article focuses on the Method section of the payment screen. Fill in all the other donation details and click Save to record and process the donation.

  1. Process Credit and Debit Cards Through Bloomerang
  2. Process Electronic Funds Transfers Through Bloomerang
  3. Process Online Donations
  4. Refund a Processed Transaction
  5. Edit a Processed Transaction

Process Credit and Debit Cards Through Bloomerang

When entering a donation or payment made by credit or debit card, click Credit Card as the method.

To process a new credit card via Bloomerang:

  1. Click Enter a New Credit Card, if necessary.
  2. Select the processor.
  3. Enter the full credit card number, and expiration date.

Note: Bloomerang does not store the credit card number. Instead, it stores a token that represents the card.

To process an existing card via Bloomerang:

  • In the Stored Credit Cards menu, select the correct card.

To record a credit or debit card transaction that has already been processed using another system:

  • In the ProcessorStored Credit Cards menu, select (Do Not Process)

To update an expired card:

  1. Click Update.
  2. Fill in the new information.
  3. Check that the correct processor is selected.
  4. Click Save to update the card and process the donation.

Process Electronic Funds Transfers Through Bloomerang

To process a new EFT via Bloomerang:

  1. Click Enter a New EFT Account, if necessary.
  2. Select your processor.
  3. Select the account type.
  4. Fill in the account and routing numbers.

Tip: The routing number is a 9-digit number on the bottom left of the check. The account number is next to it.

To process an existing EFT via Bloomerang:

  • In the Stored EFT Accounts menu, select the correct account.

To record EFT transactions that have already been processed in another system:

  • In the Processor or Stored EFT Accounts menu, select (Do Not Process).

Process Online Donations

Your constituents can donate online if you are using a Bloomerang online giving or event registration form on your website. The transactions are processed by the processor you select when creating the form, and they are automatically recorded in your Bloomerang database.

Refund a Processed Transaction

If you need to refund a processed transaction, do it from within Bloomerang instead of through the credit card processor.

  1. Open the processed transaction.
  2. Click Refund andUpdate.

The transaction is refunded both in Bloomerang and on your processor account.

Edit a Processed Transaction

Because processed transactions are linked to a transaction processor, editing certain fields is restricted by default. If you need to edit those fields, you must first unlink the transaction from your processor. Read more about what happens and how to unlink here: Unlinking Transactions from Transaction Processors