The support user is used by the Bloomerang Support team to access your database if you need assistance. Only Bloomerang staff can access your database with this user account, and it is typically only accessed whenever we are troubleshooting an issue.

You will see the support user in the Users area of your database, which is in Settings. The support user account will be something like “”.

If this user is currently deactivated and you need help from Bloomerang Support, you can activate the user via these steps:

  1. Click Gear icon, View All Settings.
  2. Click Edit in the Users tile.
  3. Click on the username, which will take you to the edit screen.
  4. Check the “Active?” button so that it turns green, and then click Save.

You will see that the user name changed from gray to blue in your list of users, indicating that it is active.