Bloomerang recommends all new users watch our New User Orientation video to help familiarize themselves with the database. the New User Orientation is a 60-minute general overview of Bloomering, including explanations of basic functions as well as demos of features. Click here to access the recording.

Topics include:

  • How to log in and maintain your user login

  • Support options/overview and accessing help

  • Dashboard overview

  • Adding Users

  • Adding Individuals and Organizations

  • Searching for Constituents

  • Basic explanation of relationships and households

  • Fund, Campaign, and Appeal explanation

  • Adding a donation

  • Adding a pledge

  • Adding an Interaction

  • How to run a basic Constituent report

  • How to run a basic Transaction report

  • Summarization of each navigational icon

  • Choosing a credit card processor

  • Adding your processor to Bloomerang

After you view the New User Orientation, you can sign up for our free Beginner's classes!

How to contact Bloomerang Support:

You can contact Bloomerang Support by clicking the question mark button at the top of your screen when you’re logged in to your database. In the dropdown list, you’ll see:

  • Help & Videos: this links to the Bloomerang Knowledge Base and Forums, where you can find help documentation on your issue.

  • Email Support: this opens a form that you can fill out that gets emailed directly to Bloomerang Support. A Support Team member will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible via email. You can also email us directly at

  • Live Chat Online: this opens a window where you will input your question, and once you submit your question you will initiate a live chat with a member of the Bloomerang Support Team (think of it like an instant message). You will receive real-time assistance with your issue.

  • Phone Support: if your organization has chosen to purchase phone support, you may contact Bloomerang Support by phone.

Bloomerang Support hours are 9am-8pm EDT/EST Monday through Friday. We are more than happy to assist Bloomerang users, but we have found that it is often challenging to troubleshoot certain issues if the user does not have a basic understanding of the database. Thus, we ask that if possible, you review help documentation prior to contacting Support so that you can gain a general understanding of the database and functionality. We look forward to hearing from you!