Use the Mass Update tool to make bulk updates to Funds, Campaigns, and/or Appeals of transactions in Bloomerang. Admin Users and Standard Users with transactions and imports permissions enabled can access and use this tool.

Note: While you can make as many mass updates as you need, they cannot be reversed.

  1. The Updates List
  2. Update Transactions

The Updates List

The Updates list displays information about previous updates, including how many transactions were affected by each update.

  • Field - The field that was updated on each transaction. It can be Fund, Campaign, and/or Appeal.
  • Date - The date and time the mass update finished.
  • User - The user who made the mass update.
  • Status - The update status can either be Updating… or Updated.

    Note: Only one update can occur at a time, during which the New Mass Update button is grayed out for all users. You can navigate away and use the rest of the database while an update is in progress.

Update Transactions

Filter transactions, or use filters from another report, and apply a bulk update to their Funds, Campaigns, and/or Appeals. 

Note: This tool can update existing transactions to be associated with existing Funds, Campaigns, and Appeals. If you want to apply the update to new Funds, Campaigns, or Appeals, create them in your database first.

  1. Click Data Tools icon.
  2. Click Edit in the Update Transactions tile.
  3. Click New Mass Update.
  4. Click Add filter… to include or exclude transactions you want to update.

    Note: Filtering transactions during this step works the same as it does in a standard transaction based report. Learn more about how reporting works or contact if you have any questions.

  5. Review the transactions in the report to ensure you are updating exactly what you intend to update. Click Next.

    You can add and edit columns to the report to see more information about the transactions you want to update.

  6. Click the checkbox next to Fund, Campaign, and/or Appeal, depending on what you want to update.
  7. For each selection, choose any existing Fund, Campaign, and/or Appeal. You also have the option to clear the Campaign or Appeal by clicking Clear the campaign/appeal from these transactions. The transactions will have the chosen Fund, Campaign, or Appeal applied to them via the update. Click Update Transactions.

While an update is in progress, its status will be Updating…. The New Mass Update button will be grayed out for all users, since only one update can be made at a time. You can navigate away and use the rest of the database during an update. Once an update is complete, its status will change to Updated, and additional updates can then be made.