To upload batch transactions, you must first install the Bloomerang add-on for Google Sheets. Use batch entry to upload new donations, pledge payments, recurring donation payments, and soft credits to individuals and/or organizations. Transactions in a sheet are linked to Bloomerang after you upload them. It is recommended to work in only one sheet at a time. 

  1. Building a Batch
  2. Reverse a Payment Upload
  3. Adding or Editing Constituents
  4. Batch Entry Workflows

Building a Batch

To get started, click Add-ons, Bloomerang, and then Enable for this Sheet. Then click Ok, Add-ons, Bloomerang, and Show Sidebar. Then follow these steps to create a batch:

  1. Step 1: Build Input Sheet
  2. Step 2: Enter Data
  3. Step 3: Validate Batch
  4. Step 4: Upload Batch

Step 1: Build Input Sheet

  1. On the Dashboard tab of the Sidebar, click the dropdown menu to choose what to build the sheet for:
    • Transactions - Choose this option to add transactions to Bloomerang.
    • Constituent Finder (No upload) - Choose this option to search for constituents. This feature is designed to work with other automation tools, where you can build workflows that trigger after entering a valid Constituent.
  2. Click Build Sheet.

Constituent data will be pulled from your Bloomerang database and loaded into the background of the sheet. Click OK.

Step 2: Enter Data

These steps assume you have built a sheet for transactions.

  1. Enter a constituent name or account id in the first blank cell of the Constituent column. The sheet will search for matching constituents and display them in the Search tab if you are searching with a name, or it will add them directly if you are using an account id.

    Note: Search works just like Constituent Search in Bloomerang, so you may try partial names or any valid profile information to find the constituent. If the constituent is not in Bloomerang, click Add Constituent to add them.

  2. If you see your constituent but find that there is profile data you would like to view or edit in Bloomerang, click the View tab in the Sidebar and then View or Edit in Bloomerang.

    See Adding or Editing Constituents below.

  3. Fill out all required cells, which are denoted with an asterisk (*):
    • Date - Enter the date in mm/dd/yyyy format, or double click the cell to open a date picker.
    • Amount - Enter the amount. It will automatically be formatted to dollars.
    • Payment Method - Select the payment method from a dropdown list.
    • Payment Schedule - Select to enter this transaction as a New Donation or apply it as a payment to an existing recurring donation schedule or pledge.
    • Fund - Enter the fund.
  4. Fill out any optional cells. If you would like a column for entering a batch id, you can create a custom fieldfor use with transactions in Bloomerang, and it will be available when you build a sheet. 

    Note: If you wish to apply a soft credit, doing so will cause a popup to display. Enter the constituent you would like to soft credit, and a list of constituents will appear. Choose your constituent and click Select. The option to add additional constituents and amounts will then appear. Enter all of the constituents you wish to soft credit and click Save.

  5. In the Sidebar, enter the Expected Batch Total, which is the total dollar amount you expect to add to Bloomerang, and click Check Sheet Totals to validate the total of the Amount column. Click Continue. This step is optional; if you do not need to validate your total, click Skip.

Step 3: Validate Batch

  1. In the Sidebar, click Validate Data. This step will ensure that required cells are filled out.

    Any errors will be displayed in red in the Sidebar, and you will be directed to see more details in the Messages column.  

    Fix any errors and click Validate Data again. Once everything is correct, a green success message will display in the Sidebar. Click Continue.

Step 4: Upload Batch

  1. In the Sidebar, click Upload Payments to upload to Bloomerang. Your transactions will be immediately added to Bloomerang.

Reverse Payment Upload

If you find that any data was incorrect when you uploaded your batch to Bloomerang, you can reverse the upload.

  1. Click the Reverse payment upload menu in the Sidebar.
  2. Click Delete Payments, then Ok.

    Note: This will remove the transaction data from Bloomerang, but it does not change the sheet.

  3. Make any changes, then click Step 4: Upload Batch, followed by Upload Payments. This will upload the payments to Bloomerang again, as they are in the sheet.

Adding or Editing Constituents

You may add new constituents to Bloomerang via the Search tab in the Sidebar. Begin in an empty cell in the Constituent column.

Warning: If you click on a cell that has a constituent, this step will update that constituent in Bloomerang. Always start in an empty cell in the Constituent column when adding a constituent.

  1. Click the Search tab in the Sidebar.
  2. Click Add Constituent.
  3. Select Individual or Organization.
  4. Fill out all required cells and any optional cells.
  5. Click Add.

You can edit existing constituents via the View tab in the Sidebar. Begin by clicking on a cell that includes data of an existing constituent in the Constituent column.

  1. Click the View tab in the Sidebar.
  2. Click View or Edit in Bloomerang.
  3. This will open the constituent summary page in Bloomerang. Make changes in Bloomerang, then click Add-ons, Bloomerang, then Refresh Lookup Values to bring your changes into the sheet.

Batch Entry Workflows

With Batch Entry, you can: 

  • Reconcile batches of gifts with the bank deposit
  • Efficiently enter reply pieces from an appeal
  • Copy and paste details from payroll gifts or an export from another system, like a lockbox or other third party app
  • And more!

View this video for a demonstration of a suggested workflow for entering reply pieces from an appeal: