Use Batch Entry with Google Sheets add-on to push transactions to Bloomerang. To use Batch Entry, you must have a Google Account with access to Google Sheets, and you must install the Bloomerang add-on in Google Sheets. Add-ons are customized extensions that can be added to G Suite productivity tools, like Google Sheets, to extend their functionality. To find out how much Batch Entry would cost for your organization, contact

  1. Install the Batch Entry Add-on to Google Sheets
  2. Uninstall the Batch Entry Add-on

Install the Batch Entry Add-on to Google Sheets

The Bloomerang Batch Entry add-on must be installed in Google Sheets. First log in to your Google Account, and then access a new Google Sheet. In your sheet:

  1. Click Add-ons, then Get add-ons
  2. Click Search apps, then search Bloomerang
  3. Click the Bloomerang add-on
  4. Click Install and then Continue to allow Bloomerang to be installed in your Google Account
  5. Select your Google Account
  6. Click Allow, then Done
  7. Exit the G Suite Marketplace

The add-on is now installed and available in Google Sheets. Next, you will make a connection between Google Sheets and your Bloomerang Database. In your sheet:

  1. Click Add-ons
  2. Navigate to Bloomerang Batch Entry and click Connect Bloomerang Account
  3. Click Connect Account
  4. Click Grant Access

    Note: Getting an authentication error message during this step? Contact to discuss purchasing a license.

  5. Close the tab and return to the sheet
  6. Click Close once access has been granted

After the connection is made, click Add-ons in the sheet. Navigate to Bloomerang and hover there to view the rest of the menu:

  • Show Sidebar
    • Reveals the Sidebar, which is the main workspace used while entering a batch of transactions.
  • Refresh Lookup Values 
    • Removes saved Bloomerang data from the sheet.
    • Click Refresh Lookup Values and then rebuild the sheet if you make any changes in Bloomerang while creating a batch.
  • Sign out from Bloomerang 
    • Removes the connection between Google Sheets and Bloomerang.
  • Help
    • Reveals help options.
    • Click Report an issue to send an email to Bloomerang Support for help.
    • Click View in store to view the add-on in the G-Suite Marketplace.

Uninstall the Batch Entry Add-on

If you no longer want to use the add-on in any sheet, you can uninstall it by clicking Add-ons, Manage add-ons, and then accessing the menu for the app. Click Uninstall.