Transactions can be synced into QuickBooks Online in a variety of ways. This help article clarifies the transaction synchronization process, how to work with synced transactions in Bloomerang, and how synced transactions are represented in QuickBooks Online. To view setup steps, see Connect to QuickBooks Online.

  1. Transaction Synchronization
  2. Unlocking Transactions
  3. QuickBooks Online Report Templates
  4. Transactions in QuickBooks Online

Transaction Synchronization

When using the QuickBooks Online feature in Bloomerang, transactions will receive a QuickBooks Status

The status will be Unsynced, Sync in Progress, Synced, or Do Not Sync. See the table below for a description of each status: 

UnsyncedUnsynced is the default QuickBooks Status for all transactions, including transactions that may have existed in the database prior to a connection to QuickBooks Online.
Sync in ProgressTransactions that are actively being synced receive this status. While a transaction is actively being synced it is locked in Bloomerang and may not be unlocked and edited.
SyncedA synced transaction has been sent to QuickBooks Online and linked to a transaction entry. A synced transaction is locked in Bloomerang, but it can be unlocked and edited or refunded.
Do Not SyncA transaction is set to Do Not Sync by a rule in QuickBooks Online settings. Until a sync has occurred, a transaction set to Do Not Sync will display as Unsynced. A transaction set to Do Not Sync is locked, but may be unlocked, edited, or refunded.

Note: New transactions in Bloomerang will only sync to QuickBooks after they have been in Bloomerang for 24 hours. This allows for any changes or corrections to be made before the transaction is synced in QuickBooks Online.

While a transaction is set to Sync in Progress, Synced, or Do Not Sync, the following fields and options are locked or hidden:

  • Date
  • Amount
  • Fund
  • Campaign
  • Appeal
  • Method
  • Actions
    • Convert to Payment
    • Split Payment
    • Delete

Locked transactions can be unlocked for editing purposes, except in the case of a transaction with the status of Sync in Progress. Unsynced transactions are not locked and can be edited at any time. 

Unlocking Transactions

Transactions with the status of Sync in Progress, Synced, and Do Not Sync are locked in Bloomerang. Transactions with the status of Synced and Do Not Sync can be unlocked and edited in Bloomerang via the following steps:

  1. Click Actions
  2. Click Edit and Unlock
  3. Add a reason for unlocking the transaction
  4. Select Yes, set the QuickBooks Status to “Unsynced” or No, do not edit the QuickBooks Status
    • If you choose to set the QuickBooks Status to Unsynced, the transaction will be synced again the next time a Manual Sync or Automatic Sync occurs. The QuickBooks Status will be changed after the next sync. Any changes to the transaction in Bloomerang will be applied in QuickBooks.
    • If you choose to not edit the QuickBooks Status, edits made in Bloomerang will not be synced to QuickBooks and the QuickBooks Status of the transaction will not change. 

QuickBooks Online Report Templates

The QuickBooks Online feature has three report templates that can be viewed via the following steps:

  1. Click Gear icon, QuickBooks Online 
  2. Click View Transactions and select Unsynced, Synced, or Do Not Sync


The Unsynced report displays all transactions after the Sync Start Date with the status of Unsynced. It is important to note that the data contained in this report is a “virtual snapshot” and subject to change based on future edits or synchronization with QuickBooks. Due to the nature of what it means for a transaction to be considered Unsynced, this report cannot be saved, exported to Excel, scheduled, or accessed anywhere else in the database.


The Synced report displays all of the transactions that have the QuickBooks status of Synced. This report can be saved, exported to Excel, and scheduled.

Do Not Sync

The Do Not Sync report displays all of the transactions that have the QuickBooks status of Do Not Sync. This report can be saved, exported to Excel, and scheduled.

Transactions in QuickBooks Online

Transactions synced from Bloomerang into QuickBooks are represented as either Invoices and Payments or Sales Receipts. However, not all Bloomerang transaction types or data can sync to QuickBooks. 

  • Pledges can be synced as Invoices and Payments, but cannot be synced as Sales Receipts
  • Recurring Donation Schedules cannot be synced to QuickBooks in any way, but Recurring Donation Payments can be synced as Invoices and Payments or Sales Receipts
  • Any transactions with a $0 Amount cannot sync to QuickBooks
  • Fair Market Value cannot be synced with In Kind donations, but the Amount can sync
  • If a Bloomerang Transaction Number and the Document Number of an existing QuickBooks transaction are the same, and they are the same type of transaction (i.e., they are both Sales Receipts), the transaction cannot sync to QuickBooks.  
  • A Document Number may persist in QuickBooks even after a QuickBooks transaction has been deleted. This can cause sync errors to occur if a Bloomerang transaction, that was previously synced with the deleted QuickBooks transaction, is synced again.