Bloomerang may replace your From email address when sending mass email if you have not yet configured your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) settings with your domain. When this happens, Bloomerang will replace your domain name with Bloomerang uses the original From address as the Reply To address, so you still get any replies.

  1. Basic Definitions
  2. What You Can Do

Basic Definitions

  • Domain is the "MyWebsite" part of
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email validation system. It allows recipients to check that incoming mail comes from an authorized server. It prevents email from getting marked as spam and not delivered to your constituents. A correct SPF setup says, “Yes, this server is allowed to send mail on our behalf.”

What You Can Do

Follow these steps to ensure your domain's SPF settings are configured correctly:

  1. Add the following include statement in your DNS settings to allow Sendgrid, Bloomerang's mass email provider, to send mass email on your behalf:
  2. Add to your email’s contact list or allowlist. This prevents essential emails from Bloomerang ending up in your spam folder. 

If you are unsure where to begin with updating your SPF settings, please see Set Up SPF for detailed steps and examples. Configuring SPF settings is an appropriate task for your IT team if you have one at your organization.