The Import feature in Bloomerang allows you to upload a spreadsheet of data into your database in a few easy steps. Use imports to create or update constituent information in Bloomerang. 

Warning: Donations, interactions, and notes may be created but not updated via import.

How do I match constituents?

The best way to ensure that the correct constituent is updated is by using the individual, orgaization, or household account number. This account number serves as a unique identifier for the constituent. 

Individuals or organizations also match when the name matches and one of the following matches:

  • Email address
  • Standardized street address
  • Last seven digits of phone number

Update Individuals and Organizations

Use the matching criteria above to create or update information on individuals’ and organizations’ Profile page.

Note: The most recent addresses, emails, and phone numbers added from an import file will be marked as primary in the database.

You can also update the head of household’s information using the household account number. 

Note: Any non-household fields matched using the household account number will be updated on the head of household’s account.

Update Household Name Fields

Update household name fields so they are formatted consistently throughout your database. Include the household account number in your import file to update multiple households on the same import.

Run a report in Bloomerang

  1. Click Add Filter, then search for and select Is In a Household. Click Ok.
  2. Click Add Column. Select one or more of the household name fields: Household, Sort, Formal, Informal, Envelope, and Recognition. Click Add Columns.
  3. Click Constituent, and select Household.
  4. Click Save and, then Export to Excel. Click Download. The Account Number is included in the exported file.
  5. Update the name fields in Excel, and delete any unused columns.

Update household names via import:

  1. Start a new import in Bloomerang.
  2. On Step 5, make sure that Account Number is mapped, along with the household name fields. 
  3. Run the import.

Warning: Household account numbers are required to update the household name fields. Without the household account number, households will not be updated.