WARNING: This article is intended for use during your database conversion. If you are not currently converting your legacy database to Bloomerang, please select a different article from the knowledgebase. 

Pledges are viewed through the Constituent Timeline or Reports. The easiest way to review Pledges in Bloomerang is to use a Report.


  1. Click on Reports icon, then Go To Reports List
  2. Click the report called: Open Pledges - Payment Status to review it
  3. Depending on the amount of results, it may take the report a few minutes to generate

Open one of the records and review the following:

  1. Select the Pledge Schedule
    • Is the date and amount correct?
    • Does the pledge have the correct Campaign, Appeal, and Fund?
    • Is the status correct?
    • Is the frequency correct?
    • Have all of the payments been applied correctly?
  2. Open a Pledge Payment 
    • Verify it is listed as a Pledge Payment and not as a Donation
    • Verify the Date is correct

To review Pledge Write Offs:

  1. Go back to the Open Pledges - Payment Status report
  2. Click Is A Specific Pledge
  3. Click Pledge Is In Good Standing or In Arrears
  4. Click in the box next to "In Arrears"
    • Remove “In Good Standing”
    • Remove “In Arrears”
    • Add  "Written Off"
    • Click Ok twice and click Refresh
  5. Confirm that pledges listed under the grouping of "Written Off" are correct

If anything is incorrect, record the information to the Revisions Needed List. Use specific examples (ID, examples of what is incorrect) and record what should be present in the record.

NOTE: Your credit card processing or constituent card information did not convert during this process. All credit card processor information needs to be manually added after your database is Live.