WARNING: This article is intended for use during your database conversion. If you are not currently converting your legacy database to Bloomerang, please select a different article from the knowledgebase. 

The easiest way to review your in-kind gifts in Bloomerang is to use a report:

  1. Click Reports icon, then Go To Reports List
  2. Click the report called In Kind Gifts - Details, Donors and Dates to review it
  3. Depending on the amount of results, it may take a minute for the report to generate 

TIP: It is possible to open a specific Constituent Record without navigating away from the report. Ctrl+Click on the row you wish to view, and it will open the record in a new tab. 

Open one of the records and review the following:

  • Is this gift correctly identified as an In-Kind Gift?
  • Is the value of the gift being recorded in the Amount field or the Fair Market Value field? 
    • Best Practice is to list the Amount as $0 and the FMV field with whatever the associated dollar amount is. This will ensure that your revenue is not being falsely inflated 
  • Is the Type field populated correctly?
  • Is the Description filled in correctly? 
  • Is the Note field correct?

NOTE: If you have a specific Campaign, Fund and/or Appeal associated with your In-Kind gifts, ensure it is showing properly on the Transaction Record. 

If anything is incorrect, record the information to the Revisions Needed List. Use specific examples (ID, examples of what is incorrect) and record what should be present in the record.