WARNING: This article is intended for use during your database conversion. If you are not currently converting your legacy database to Bloomerang, please select a different article from the knowledgebase. 

Contact Information is located on the Profile tab of the Constituent Record. Verify that the Phone, Address and Email Information for your test constituents is correct.


  1. Click Constituents icon 
  2. Open one of your Test Constituents
  3. Select the Profile Tab
  4. Test your Phone information
    • Bloomerang has four Phone Types: Home, Work, Fax and Mobile. Ensure each phone has the proper type 
    • Ensure the phone numbers are correct
    • Ensure the proper phone number is marked Primary
  5. Test your Address information
    • Bloomerang has three Address Types: Home, Work and Vacation. Ensure each address has the proper type
    • Ensure the addresses are correct
    • Ensure the proper address is marked Primary
    • If you see that the address is labeled as a Bad Address, it was marked as being either incomplete or bad during the conversion.

      NOTE: If you track former or bad addresses in your legacy database, make sure you discuss this with your Project Manager so they can ensure the addresses are tagged correctly in Bloomerang.

  6. Test your Email information 
    • Bloomerang has two Email Types: Home and Work. Ensure each address has the proper type
    • Ensure the email addresses are correct
    • Ensure the proper email address is marked Primary

If anything is incorrect, record the information to the Revisions Needed List. Use specific examples (ID, examples of what is incorrect) and record what should be present in the record.

TIP: For International Constituents, select their country, and then add information in the format available for their Country. If you have International Constituents, verify their information pulled over correctly.