WARNING: This article is intended for use during your database conversion. If you are not currently converting your legacy database to Bloomerang, please select a different article from the knowledgebase. 

The purpose of this review is to check name formatting and the status of your constituent records, both Organizations and Individuals. Use the following steps to either verify that this information displays in Bloomerang as expected.


  1. Click Constituents icon 
  2. Type in the Name or Bloomerang ID number of one of your Test Constituent Records
    • Verify the name in the Header (next to the silhouette) is how you would like it to display
    • Verify they are correctly labeled as an Individual or Organization
    • If your Constituent is Inactive or Deceased, ensure this is displayed next to their Constituent ID number
  3. Click on the Profile Tab and look at the Basic Info section
    • Verify the correct Status is listed
    • Verify the Informal Name is how you are expecting it to appear
    • Verify the Formal Name is how you are expecting it to appear
    • Verify the Envelope Name is how you are expecting it to appear
    • Verify the Recognition Name is how you are expecting it to appear

If anything is incorrect, record the information to the Revisions Needed List. Use specific examples (ID, examples of what is incorrect) and record what should be present in the record.  

WARNING: This standardization will NOT continue once your database is live. The Live database will reflect the default naming schemes below. You will need to manually update future Constituents. 


Name FieldDefault FormatExample
Informal NameFirstName
Formal NamePrefix LastName
Mr. Smith
Envelope NamePrefix FirstName LastName Suffix
Mr. John Smith Jr.
Recognition NamePrefix FirstName MiddleName LastName Suffix
Mr. John H. Smith Jr.


Name FieldDefault FormatExample
Informal NameFirstName of Primary Contact
Formal NamePrefix and LastName of Primary ContactMr. Smith
Envelope NamePrimary Contact Name
Organization Name
Mr. John Smith Jr.
ABC Construction, Inc.
Recognition NameOrganization NameABC Construction, Inc.