WARNING: This article is intended for use during your database conversion. If you are not currently converting your legacy database to Bloomerang, please select a different article from the knowledgebase. 

There are two ways to record Communication Restrictions in Bloomerang: 

  1. We provide a Communication Preferences section on the Profile tab on the Constituent Record with a list of available options
  2. Anything not available in our list of options can be added as Constituent Custom Fields and will appear at the bottom of the Constituent Profile Tab

Steps to test the Communication Preferences section 

  1. Click Constituents icon
  2. Type in the Name or Bloomerang ID number of one of your Test Constituents who has Communication Restrictions
  3. Click on the Profile tab and look at the Communication Preferences section
    • Verify their Preferred Channel is correct (each Constituent can only have one)
    • Verify their Restrictions are correct (each Constituent can have multiple)
    • Verify their Email Interests are correct (each Constituent can have multiple)

Steps to test Communication Preferences listed as Constituent Custom Fields

  1. Click Gear icon
  2. Under Custom Fields, Click on Constituents
    • Verify the Categories are correct
    • Verify the Fields are correct
    • Verify the Field Types are correct
    • Verify the Values are correct
  3. Open a Test Constituent with Communication Preferences Constituent Custom Fields on their record
  4. Click on their Profile Tab
    • Verify the correct Communication Preferences have populated on the record

If anything is incorrect, record the information to the Revisions Needed List. Use specific examples (ID, examples of what is incorrect) and record what should be present in the record.