Growing your constituent database is a good thing!  Bloomerang's goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to continue growing your database without also incurring unexpected charges when you exceed your current subscription level.  To accomplish this goal, we've added a couple features.  

First, we've added a new section to your Billing Portal so you can track how your database is growing over time.  You can easily see how many records exist in your database that count towards your license level.  As a reminder, members of a household collectively count as one record for licensing purposes.

Second, instead of fully moving your organization into a new license level, we will instead increase your license limit in small increments and only charge you for those additional constituents.

The additional constituent and email pricing is simple and straightforward, so you will always know what you are paying. These are monthly charges, and we do not bill you until the month after the overage occurred.  Standard customers are billed $10 for every additional block of 250 constituents and Free and Grow customers are billed $10 for every additional block of 50 constituents.  Standard and Grow customers are billed $10 for every additional block of 10,000 emails. All active administrators are emailed when an overage invoice is posted to your account.

The charts below provide outlines of constituent and email overage pricing for Standard customers as well as Free and Grow customers.

Constituent Charges

+$10 a month+$20 a month+$30 a month+$40 a month+$50 a month
Standard Customers

up to 250 
additional constituents

up to 500 additional constituents

up to 750 additional constituents

up to 1,000 additional constituents

up to 1,250 additional constituents

More than 1,250 additional constituents? Add $10/month for each additional block of 250 constituents. 

+$10 a month 
+$20 a month 
+$30 a month +$40 a month +$50 a month 
Free and Grow Customers

up to 50 additional constituents

up to 100 additional constituents

up to 150 additional constituents

up to 200 additional constituents

up to 250 additional constituents

More than 250 additional constituents? Add $10/month for each additional block of 50 constituents. 

    Email Charges

+$10 a month
+$20 a month
+$30 a month
+$40 a month
+$50 a month
Standard and Grow Customers

up to 10,000 
additional emails

up to 20,000 
additional emails

up to 30,000 
additional emails

up to 40,000 
additional emails

up to 50,000 
additional emails

More than 50,000 additional emails? Add $10/month for each additional block of 10,000 emails. 

Note: Additional constituent records do not increase your access to related features like DonorSearch, Benevon, email limits, etc. Additional emails are not carried over month-to-month if unused and only represent the maximum additional emails available for the month where charges occurred.  

If you have any questions about these overages or you would like to upgrade your Bloomerang subscription, please email

To view additional pricing information, see Pricing.

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