With Bloomerang's integration with TrueGivers, address updates are automatically reflected on constituent profiles. You can run reports based on Address Note, and the optional custom fields.

NCOA Address Updates

To run a report of NCOA Address updates:

  1. Create a new constituent report.
  2. In the Include area, click Add Filter.
  3. Click Has Addresses.
  4. Click Addresses and click Specific Addresses.
  5. In the Address Filters section and the Include area, click Add Filter.
  6. Click Note and enter NCOA
  7. Click OK, then click OK again.
  8. Click Add Column, then search for and select Address.
  9. Select Note, and click OK.

You can also filter by these additional fields to narrow down your results:

  • Last Modified By contains TrueGivers
  • Last Modified Date: date of last sync

TrueGivers Custom Fields

The following fields from TrueGivers can brought in as constituent custom fields into Bloomerang and are available as both columns and filters.

Birth YearIndicates the year of birth of an individual
Business OwnerIndicates that an individual self-identified as a business owner
Home OwnerIndicates if the home is owner occupied or if the resident is a renter
Income DecileIndicates the household income rank
Market Value RangeIndicates a market value rank
Net Worth DecileIndicates the household net worth rank
ReligionIndicates an individual’s religion
HeritageIndicates an individual's origin