Sometimes you have a constituent who makes a gift and that gift is meant to go to different Funds, Campaigns, or Appeals, or sometimes they would like part of it to apply to a pledge or recurring donation. You can enter the gift as a split payment in the database. A payment may be split up to ten times, and each payment has its own Amount, Fund, Campaign, Appeal, Notes, custom fields, Soft Credits, Tributes, and Acknowledgement information.

  1. Add Split Payments
  2. Convert a Payment to a Split Payment
  3. Edit a Split Payment
  4. Auto Processes Payments

Add Split Payments

When you receive a payment that is meant to be split, create a new donation in the database:

  1. From the constituent account, click Blue arrow in the header and click New Donation.
    • If the constituent has no active pledges or recurring donations, click Actions, then Split Payment.
    • If the constituent has active pledges or recurring donations, select all that apply to this payment, then click Create Split Payment. On a recurring donation, select if the payment should be applied to a scheduled payment or added as an extra payment.
  2.  On the New Split Payment screen, under the Payment tab, enter the full amount of the gift and the payment method. Change the date, and add attachments as needed. 
  3. Click each tab and complete the information on each split:
    • On Donations, enter the Amount, Non-Deductible, Fund, Campaign, and Appeal.
    • On Pledge Payments, enter the Amount. The Fund, Campaign, and Appeal are inherited from the Pledge. 
    • On Recurring Payments, the Amount is inherited from the Recurring Donatoin Schedule. The Fund, Campaign, and Appeal are also inherited from the schedule, but you can change them.
  4. Add notes, custom field values, soft credits, tributes, acknowledgement information, or attachments as needed.
  5. To add a new split click Plus icon.
  6. To remove a split, click on the split, then Remove Split.
  7. Click Save.
  8. The payment split payment is recorded on the timeline showing the breakdown of each split: 

Convert a Payment to a Split Payment

  1. Select the Donation, Pledge Payment, or Recurring Donation Payment to be split.
  2. Click Actions, then Split Payment
  3. The Payment tab will inherit the Date, Amount, and payment method of the original transaction. A tab is created for the original transaction with the original transaction details. 
  4. To add a new split click Plus icon.
  5. Adjust the details of each split, then click Save

Edit Split Payments

To edit a split payment:

  1. Click the split payment on the constituent's timeline.
  2. Edit any of the information.
  3. Click Save.

Note: Need to edit locked fields on a processed credit card or EFT transaction? You will need to unlink the transaction from your transaction processor first. Read more about what happens and how to unlink here: Unlinking Transactions from Transaction Processors - HD

Auto-processed Payments

If a constituent has any pledges or recurring donations that are set to auto-process on the same day with the same payment method, they will only be charged once, and the payment will come in as a split payment. For example, if Harvey Dent has a pledge payment of $100 and a recurring donation payment of $15 due to process on the same day using the same card, his card will be charged for $115. The transaction will be recorded in Bloomerang as a split payment of $115, split across the two transactions.