Access the Billing Portal

Administrator users can access the Billing portal by clicking on the profile icon, then selecting Billing. From here, you can view your subscription details, view invoices, add payment methods, and more! Notifications are also sent based on certain actionable items. This article focuses on: 

Add or Edit Payment Methods

To add a new payment method:

  1. From the Billing portal, click Payment Methods, then Add Payment Method.
  2. Under Payment Information, select Credit Card or ACH and fill in the data.
  3. Fill in the Cardholder Information.
  4. Click Create.

There are three options for editing a payment method:

  1. To change the default payment method, click Make Default. This payment method will be used for upcoming payments due.
  2. To remove a payment method, click Remove, then click Yes

Warning: The default payment method can be removed. Exercise caution when removing payment methods to ensure that your invoices are paid on time.

  1. To edit an existing payment method, click Edit. Adjust the information, then click Update.

Make a Payment

Payments are processed automatically on the due date using the default payment method, but you can also make a payment manually. To do so:

  • From the Billing portal, click Invoices.
  • Click Details on an invoice that is due or overdue.
  • Click Make Payment, then Pay.

View Constituent License Information

Your current license count and license limit are shown in the Billing portal. We also display status information that tells you whether you are within, approaching or over your license limit.

In-App Notifications

In-app notifications are activated when:

  • You have a new invoice.
  • You have a Bloomerang invoice overdue.

Email Notifications

Emails notifications are sent to all Administrator users for the following:

  • Invoice Notification Emails
    • Upcoming Billing Notification - sent 30 days before invoice is due, and shows what the invoice is going to look like
    • Invoice for a monthly constituent record overage or email overage
    • Invoice Overdue 
  • Payment Notification Emails
    • Payment Method Update
    • Payment Received
    • Refund
    • Payment Failed
    • Credit Card Expiry

Reduce Your Bill

A link to our referral form is shown in the Billing portal. Use it to refer a customer that you think would benefit from using Bloomerang.

For questions about your billing, please contact