The Lapsed Donor survey seeks to understand why the donor stopped giving and is sent to donors whose last transaction was between 12 and 24 months ago.

There is only one question, and donors may select all reasons that apply to them, as well as write in their own response:

If you are no longer donating to (your organization), why did you stop giving? (Select all that apply)

  • I am still an active donor of (your organization)
  • I can no longer afford to offer my support
  • There was a mistake at my bank
  • My personal priorities for giving have changed
  • I switched to support a different charity
  • I felt pressured into giving
  • (Your organization) asked me for an amount I found inappropriate
  • I wasn't thanked appropriately for my gift
  • The quality of service provided to me as a donor was poor
  • I didn't enjoy the communications from (your organization)
  • This is not a cause that greatly interests me¬†
  • (Your organization) did not tell me how my money was used
  • (Your organization) wrote to me too often
  • Supporting (your organization) doesn't fit with my sense of who I am
  • (Your organization) doesn't seem to need my support
  • Other

Survey Interaction

An interaction is displayed on the donor's timeline when the survey is sent, and a second interaction is created if the constituent responds to the survey. Click on the Engagement Survey interaction to view details.

Lapsed Donor Survey responses include the lapsed reason provided by the donor.


The top responses from the Lapsed Donor Survey are displayed on the Engagement Surveys dashboard. To see the percentage for each question, click Lapsed Donor Survey, then Responses.

When reporting on Lapsed Donor Survey responses, you can add a column for Lapsed Reason. This shows the response a constituent gave to a Lapsed Donor Survey.