The New Donor survey is sent to donors after they've made their first qualifying transaction. It consists of questions measuring trust, commitment, and satisfaction.


(Your organization) has a very high level of integrity
(Your organization) can be counted on to do what is right
I trust (your organization) to deliver the outcomes it promises for its beneficiaries


I care passionately about the work of (your organization)
My relationship with (your organization) is something that I am very committed to
My relationship with (your organization) is very important to me
(Your organization) is working to achieve a goal that I care passionately about


I was thanked appropriately for my gift to (your organization)
Overall I am very satisfied with how (your organization) has treated as a new donor
I believe I’ve done the right thing in supporting (your organization)

Interaction and Responses

An interaction will be created on the donor's timeline when a survey is sent, and a second interaction is created if the donor answers a survey. When a donor answers the survey, the interaction does not include the donor's actual responses.

Track email statistics for each survey by opening the survey and navigating to the Tracking tab.

To see a breakdown of each category and each question, open the survey and click on the Responses tab.