Bloomerang automatically scans primary email addresses for every constituent to validate their deliverability. Invalid and risky emails are marked as bad on the constituents' profiles and are automatically skipped when sending emails.

  1. Run a Report of Bad Email Addresses
  2. Handle Bad Email Addresses

Run a Report of Bad Email Addresses:

  1. Create a new constituent report.
  2. In the Include area, click Add Filter.
  3. Click HasEmail icon in reportsEmail Addresses.
  4. Click Email icon in reportsEmail Addresses and click Specific Email icon in reportsEmail Addresses.
  5. In the Email icon in reportsEmail Addresses Filters section and the Include area, click Add Filter.
  6. Click Is Bad and click OK
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Add Column, then search for and select Email icon in reportsEmail Address.
  9. Click Bad Reason, then click OK.

Handle Bad Email Addresses

Check with the constituent if the email address is correct.

  • If the constituent gives you a new email address, update their profile
  • If you think the current email address is valid, provide either of the following to our Support team so they can to remove the bad email flag.
    1. Ask the customer to email you from that email address indicating that they would like to receive emails from your organization, or 
    2. Run a report to verify if the constituent has opened an email at that address in the last three months.
      1. Open your Bad Email report as outlined above.
      2. Under Include, click And, then search for and select Has Interactions.
      3. Click Interactions, then select Specific Interactions.
      4. Under Interaction Filters, under Include, click Add Filter, then search for and select Is Opened, then click OK.
      5. Still under Include, click the green And button, then search for and select Date. Click Last Week, and select Previous number of days. Enter 90, then click OK.
      6. Click OK.