The Email Templates page lists all your email templates and some information about them.

To open the email templates list, click Emails icon, Email Templates.

Click New to create an email template.

Find Email Templates

Find templates in your email template list in several ways:


Type in the Search box to search any values in the list. Search results are highlighted in yellow.


Select filters to narrow the email template list. Active shows templates that can be sent to recipients.  Inactive shows templates that are deactivated. Click Show more filters to access these additional filter options:

  • All Statuses: Filter on scheduled or sent email templates.
  • All Types: A template type is selected when an email template is created and is based on your intended audience. You can filter on Constituents, Transactions, and Interactions.
  • All Purposes: A purpose is selected when an email template is created and it reflects how the email should be used. Examples to filter on may include Acknowledgement, Impact/Cultivation, and Newsletter.
  • All Email Interests: Email interests are selected when an email template is created and reflect the content of the email. Examples to filter on may include Event, Newsletter, and Volunteer Information.
  • All Users: Each user who has created, modified, sent, or scheduled an email appears as a filter option. Filter to find templates where the last action taken was by a particular user.

Note: Types, purposes and email interests assigned to saved email templates appear as options to filter on. 

 To clear selected filters, click Reset Filters.


Sort email templates by:

  •  Date: Sorts templates by the last action taken on a template, most recent to oldest.
  •  Alphabetically: Sorts templates by template name in ascending order.

Copy Email Templates

To copy an email template:

  1. Click Blue arrow.
  2. Click Copy.

The template is copied. The new template has the original name, plus “Copy.”

Edit Email Templates

To make changes to an email template, click the template name or click Blue arrow, then Edit. See Edit an Email for more details.

Preview Email Templates

Preview an email template to see what it looks like and who will get it, or to schedule the email:

  1. Click Blue arrow.
  2. Click Preview.

See Send or Schedule Emails for more details.

Deactivate Email Templates

Deactivate an email template to remove it from the active template list. Deactivated email templates can be edited, copied, and saved but cannot be used to send an email.

To deactivate an email template:

  1. Click Blue arrow.
  2. Click Deactivate.

The template is inactive and only shows in the template list view when filtering for inactive email templates.

Note: Email templates scheduled to be sent or used in an online form cannot be deactivated. Delete the schedule or change the confirmation email used in the online form before deactivating the email template.