Donations are how you record one-time monetary or in-kind gifts. They are different from pledges and recurring donations.

  1. Add Donations
  2. Edit Donations

Add Donations

To record a donation:

  1. Start in one of two places:
    • The Find Constituent page: Click Blue arrow next to the constituent's name and click New Donation.
    • The constituent record: Click Blue arrow in the header and click New Donation.
  2. On the Donation page, complete the information:

    Tip: Are you entering the same values every time you add a new donation? Use Rapid Gift Entry to store them as defaults so they populate automatically.

    • Date: The date the gift was made
    • Amount: The total amount of the gift
    • Non-Deductible: The part of the gift that is not tax deductible
    • Fund: How the money will be used at your organization
    • Campaign: The specific fundraising campaign that generated the gift
    • Appeal: The specific appeal that prompted the donation, such as a direct mail piece or a specific event.
    • Method: How the money was given
  3. Add soft creditstributesacknowledgement information, or attachments as needed.
  4. Click Save.

Edit Donations

To edit a donation:

  1. Click the donation entry on the constituent's timeline.
  2. Edit any of the information.
  3. Click Save.

Note: Need to edit locked fields on a processed credit card or EFT transaction? You will need to unlink the transaction from your transaction processor first. Read more about what happens and how to unlink here: Unlinking Transactions from Transaction Processors.