Bloomerang for Benevon marries a powerful but easy-to-use database with proven methods to increase your donor retention rate. This article covers a few basics to help you get started.

Tip: If you are new to Bloomerang, take some time to become familiar with it. Bloomerang for Benevon is an enhanced product, but the fundamentals are the same. Take our Academy courses or review our help videos and articles.

Benevon Summary

See important Benevon information at a glance on each constituent's Summary page. 

Note: Household accounts draw information from all household members. For example, the first Benevon interaction could be from one household member, and other Benevon information could be from other household members.

Tasks and Interactions

Use tasks and interactions to set action deadlines and record the results. Benevon interactions increase the constituent's engagement score, too. Tasks and interactions appear on the constituent's timeline. Look for the Benevon logo Benevon icon or filter the timeline to find Benevon items.

Figure: Timeline filters

Associate a task or interaction with Benevon by clicking the Purpose menu and selecting a Benevon purpose.

Figure: The Benevon purposes

New Benevon tasks and interactions automatically pull in the notes from the constituent's most recent Benevon task or interaction. Use the Note field to keep a running history of conversations, or replace it with only notes from the recent conversation.

Benevon tasks and interactions also include the Benevon Tracking and Benevon Events sections. Customize Bloomerang for Benevon by adjusting the levels of interest and adding buckets:

  1. Click Gear icon and then Interaction.
  2. In the Benevon Tracking category, click Levels of Interest or Buckets.
  3. Click New Value to add a new value.
  4. Click Blue arrow next to a value to edit, deactivate, or delete it.

To learn more about these sections, see Benevon Tracking and Benevon Events.


Bloomerang for Benevon includes some Benevon-specific reports for important data. Of course, you can create custom reports, too. See Create Reports for more details.

If you're ready to get started, check out Bloomerang for Benevon Workflow next.

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