When creating a report, letter, or email, you can reference an existing report. For instance, reference your existing LYBUNT report to quickly send those folks an email. Changes to the referenced report affect the other report.

From a report, email, or letter:

  1. Add a filter.
  2. Click the type of data the referenced report is based on. In this example, click Constituent icon in reports Constituent because your LYBUNT report is a constituent-based report.
  3. Click Add Filter.
  4. Click Is In  Report icon in reports a Constituent Report.
  5. Click Select a Report and then your LYBUNT report.


  6. Click OK until you are back on the main report page.
  7. Add any other filters.

Copy Filters from Referenced Report

Copy the filters to your report, email, or letter to adjust them. Copying the filters also breaks the link between the two reports. Changes to the referenced report do not affect the other report.
  1. After choosing your referenced report, click Copy Filters.
  2. Adjust the filters as needed.
  3. Click OK until you are back on the main report screen.